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Better communication through cosmetic imaging

Envision A Smile Cosmetic Imaging simulates the completed case before you pick up a hand piece. This equates to:

  • Powerful patient consultations
  • Increased case acceptance
  • Deeper patient understanding of the proposed procedures
  • Excellent lab communications

Easily and quickly create a slideshow of before and imaged photographs to present to your patient, and print the glossy photos for your presentation folder.

Your patient will instantly envision your treatment plan!

What people are saying

"We here at Dental Center of Vidalia have been working with the Envision A Smile for two weeks.

Since we began presenting the results to patients, we have had great success. The first two patients that I showed the modified images to have both accepted treatment. The first was prepped out yesterday with eight veneers, and the second is scheduled for six veneers on next Thursday. Dr. Stewart Hamilton has also had his first two cases that he presented accepted as well.

We are all very excited about the success we have had so far and have other patients scheduled to see their own personalized results as well.

Thanks for creating such a great tool!"

Kacy Morris, DMD